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THOOFAN – Movie Review

Thoofan is the Telugu Version of Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Teja’s Bollywood debut flick: Zanjeer, which itself is a remake of Amitabh Bacchan’s original. Apporva Lakhia has directed some average action films in the past and thus doesn’t hold a great track record. Ram Charan is on a hit spree with continuous successes like: Raccha & Naayak. Audio has generated no buzz and the film is releasing with Telangana & Seemandhra agitations happening all over the state. Let’s see if Thoofan can impress the audience or not…

STORY: An ACP named Vijay Khanna [Ram Charan] from Andhra sets a record with 22 transfers in his 5 year old Police-Career for being a sincere Police Officer. His new transfer gets him landed in Mumbai and with an NRI witness Maala [Priyanka Chopra]‘s help, he starts cracking the Oil Mafia case… Rudra Pratap Teja [Prakash Raj] is the man behind this 1000 crore mafia and how our ACP ends the kingdom of Teja forms rest of the story!


  • Ram Charan’s serious action is the only saving grace.
  • Dialogues between Prakash Raj & his Mona Darling
  • Action episode in which Vijay Khanna sets Sivaji Nagar on fire
  • A short confrontation scene between Vijay Khanna & Teja


  • Screenplay and Direction is inconsistent
  • Lack of intensity in dialogues and emotional episodes
  • Not so impressive songs and impact-less background music
  • Supporting characters are badly written

FINAL ANALYSIS: These are the days when mega fans are completely supporting an average mass entertainer from Ram Charan and taking it to the next level of a blockbuster. But, the makers of Thoofan have surprisingly ignored the star power of Mega Powerstar and made a mess out of this Thoofan movie! Except for being a debut vehicle and serving as a launching pad in Bollywood for Ram Charan, there’s nothing much to rave about Thoofan film. Even without any comparisons with the original film, Thoofan fails at all the levels.