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Chitrangada Review


MOVIE NAME: ‘Chitrangada’
RATING: 3.0/5
Cast: Anjali
Directed by: G. Ashok
Produced by: Gangapatnam Sridhar
Music by: V. Selvaganesh
Release Date: March 10, 2017

‘Anjali’s Chitrangada’ Review: 

Anjali tries hard to save the film with her one man show

About Movie:

Anjali’s Chitrangada,is awaiting movie of anjali has finally hit the screens today.Chitra(Anjali) is a college professor she lives in a women’s hostel.

Technicalities: Good.

Music: Good.

Cinematography: Okay.

Editing: Good Enough.

Action: Okay.

Writing : Good.

Direction : Good


Chitra(Anjali) is a college professor she lives in a women’s hostel. As time passes by, she starts behaving weirdly and keeps sexually harassing her hostel mates and all the hostel girls were stunned by her behaviour.After a point of time Chitra comes to know that she is doing all this because of a deadly dream where she is witnesses of a man getting killed by a lady.

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