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taxiwala review

Taxiwala Review


Boxoffice70mm RATING: 2.5/5 (★★★★★)

Starring: Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair, Sijju

Directed by: Rahul Sankrityan

Produced by: SKN

Banner: UV Creations and GA2 Pictures

Music by: Jakes Bejoy

Release Date: 17th November 2018

“Taxiwala” Review:

Shiva (Vijay Deverakonda), an out of work graduate, settles as a cab driver when quitting the odd jobs he tried. Shiva starts experiencing spooky things within the vintage automotive he bought, most of them not harmful to him, however, scare others. Suspecting a ghost, Shiva and friends attempt to notice the mystery through the ex-owner. because the team enters the ex-owner’s home, they are available across a faculty member World Health Organization is aware of a couple of pseudo-scientific methods referred to as heavenly body Projection. the remainder of the story reveals, however, the heavenly body Projection is said to the Ghost acts within the automotive, World Health Organization is that the person (s) endure the aforementioned method etc. there’s conjointly a parallel inter-related plot on Shiva’s brother and in-law.

About Movie

After the sensational success of Geetha Govindham, Vijay Deverakonda bagged an embarrassing flop with political adventure story NOTA. he’s currently arising with a supernatural adventure story titled as Taxiwala

After obtaining deferred many times thanks to piracy problems, Taxiwaala is cathartic nowadays everywhere. will Vijay regain strongly? Let’s verify.

Music: By Devi Sri Prasad has worked out okay on the screen.

Cinematography: By Sujith Sarang turns Good in this film.

Editing: By Sreejith Sarang was good.

Direction & Written: Director Rahul S. succeeded in that aspect. Rahul must also be appreciated for not deviating from the core concept of the film.


Vijay Deverakonda appearance quite charming and holds the film within the half along with his acting. He doesn’t have a lot of role within the half except within the climax.

The film has given extended roles to Madhunandan and another comedy actor and each has provided smart laughs.

Malavika Nair in a crucial role is nice. New histrion Priyanka is okay. Sijju as a villain, the Yamuna as the mother, Uttej as doctor creates their presence felt.


Vijay Deverakonda became fashionable tiny and construct familiarised moving-picture shows and “Taxiwaala” is another such off-beat construct movie.

The basic premise rests on – What if a cab driver finds that his automobile is possessed and also the spirit changes his life? This plotline could sound like Nayanathara’s “Dora” however it isn’t similar. “Taxiwaala” conjointly has another theme involving Malavika Nair.

The film begins in an easy manner and picks up pace quickly. it’s quite diverting and interesting enough within the half with easy scenes like a romantic episode on Vijay Deverakonda and Priyanka Jawalkar, comedy scenes involving Madhunandan and another comedian, and a few mischievous moments by the spirit within the automobile. It turns quite attention-grabbing with the interval bang and sets the mood right.

Post-interval, the film introduces the flashback of Malavika Nair and her story that is extended over needed and pace slackens.

The half utterly doesn’t exasperate however the flow has ups Associate in Nursing downs and it ends with an emotional climax to attractiveness to the larger audiences.

It will have serious logic problems within the half however it makes the USA observe it until the tip while not abundant problems. The director and his editor make the USA watch the film without concern concerning something.

It will offer some smart comedy moments, and has a smart song ‘Maate Vinaduga’. Towards end, the film provides the USA the sensation that it’s obtaining dragged on and on. It required a sharpie piece of writing within the final parts.

What works within the film is that the construct, the film’s script within the half, the director’s work. jiffy into the film, it’s clear that Vijay Deverakonda had in agreement to the current abundant before he signed “Geetha Govindam” as he’s trying quite younger than currently. He has become an even bigger star and his image is big for this idea. Still, it makes an honest watch.

Overall, “Taxiwaala” is a straightforward heroic tale with adequate components of thrills, comedy and a few participating moments.

Taxiwala Review