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Rajini 2.0 review

2PointO Review : Spectacular Entertainment


Boxoffice70mm RATING: 3.25/5 (★★★★★)

Starring: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey

Directed by: S. Shankar

Produced by: A. Subaskaran, Raju Mahalingam

Banner: Lyca Productions

Music by: A. R. Rahman

Release Date: 29th November 2018

About Movie

SuperStar Rajinikanth’s 2PointO is good to go to take the movies by a tempest from this Thursday. Touted to be the most costly Indian movie, which is stacked with rock-solid VFX and CG impacts, 2Point0 is coordinated by Shankar.2.0 is set to take the Indian box office by storm. The film is already showing strong signs of creating havoc at the ticket windows.Shankar and group conveyed a Box-office champ as ‘2.0’. First half is quite normal, second half is great AND most recent 30 minutes is VFX Extravaganza! Story insightful there isn’t a lot to rave about and Shankar’s check in viability is disappeared. Passionate associate is restricted, great in the Birdman (Akshay) ‘s flashback which is the essence of the film. Generally, you may watch it for its expensive activity scenes. 2.

2PointO Review:

Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar), AN animal scientist turned social activist, tries to teach the society regarding the negative effects of cell phone radiation. As his pleadings go in vain, Pakshi Raju commits suicide and returns as a fifth force. He makes each itinerant within the town disappear, attacks those that overly use cell phones. An entire town is a paralytic, Government and Robo soul Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) along deploying the Robo CHITTI to cope with the evil force.

Rest of the film is about the war between the Pakshi Raju’s monstrous power and Chitti’s balances to contain the fiendishness.

Music: Background score by A.R. Rahman and young composers’ team Qutub E Kripa stands out of all departments

Cinematography: Nirav Shah ‘s cinematography to match the visualization of Shankar is good. His consolidated work with VFX group catches the massive high-elevation developments of Pakshi Raja and Chitti. Resul Pookutty ‘s 4D SRL sound structure is awestruck. There are 100s of Hollywood experts worked this film particularly in Art, Sound, and embellishments divisions.

Editing: By Anthony was Extraordinary.

Direction & Written: By Shankar’s movies are referred to for specialized splendor and in addition a solid story point. In 2.0, while he keeps a captivating group of onlookers with his sheer size of perception, neglects to convey a solid story point.


  • Spectacular Entertainment
  • Akshay Kumar’s Flashback
  • Climax 15 mins Episode


  • The soulless plot, weak story
  • Emotional connect is a big miss


Rajinikanth as the man of science is restricted to a chair, as Chitti he’s behind the Robo makeup. So, performance wise he offers nothing abundant during this film. Amy could be an automaton and same story – no scope for performance. Akshay Kumar as animal scientist got a decent role, he performed well in those flashback scenes. Remaining there aren’t several characters, this film is all concerning VFX work


Shankar’s movies are referred to for specialized brightness and also a solid story point. In 2.0, while he keeps captivating gathering of people with his sheer size of perception, neglects to convey a solid story point. First 50% of the film is normal, sets aside opportunity to set up the Birdman character and chitti. The redundant shots of Birdman removing resident’s telephones are exhausting. When we’re into second a large portion of, the film transforms into connecting with mode with Akshay’s flashback. In spite of the fact that he is reprobate in this film, he turns miscreant for a valid justification. After flashback closes, the story again transforms into a commonplace mode and peak gives some wow factor to the normal gathering of people.

In peak, Shankar puts money on Rajini’s charisma and has written a couple of exchanges about his numero uno status. A few illustrations in the peak are decrepit, particularly those structured around Robo 3.0. The microbots idea, the couple of other logical explanations don’t include belief.

Be that as it may, in spite of numerous blemishes, Shankar with the assistance of professionals and Lyca preparations’ free turn in the spending plan, can convey a box office champ with 2.0. From a basic perspective, he may not get brownie focuses this time, but a rather overall population may like VFX extravaganza.y point.2PointO Review : Spectacular Entertainment