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Subramanyapuram Review : Inadequate

MOVIE NAMESubramanyapuram

Boxoffice70mm RATING: 2.25/5 (★★★★★)

Starring: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba

Directed by: Santhosh Jagarlapudi

Produced by: Beeram Sudhakara Reddy

Music by: Shekar Chandra

Release Date: 7th December 2018

About Movie: Subramanyapuram structure and execution is gone for the provincial group of onlookers, the second half may mostly engage the focused on gathering of people. Rest of the gathering of people can’t sit through this low planned film dependent on superstitions. Don’t hesitate to skip it!

“Subramanyapuram” Review:

Karthik ( Sumanth ) is Associate in Nursing atheist, however by profession will analysis on ancient temples. Karthik visits Associate in Nursing ancient Subramanya Hindu temple set in an exceeding village named Subramanyapuram. By the time Karthik enters, the villager’s are traumatized with a series of suicides. Police, village head and villagers believe it’s God’s wrath on them for his or her wrong deeds and take no action. Karthik suspects some iniquity and starts an investigation the suicides.

Rest of the film is regarding, however, Karthik finds the basis cause, however, he fights it out!

Music: Sekhar Chandra’s background score and a couple of situational songs are impressive

Cinematography: Camera work in some night sequences is quite good, but enough care should have been taken in some of the indoor scenes.

Editing: By Karthika Srinivas was Okay.

Direction & Written:

The fascinating storyline is the primary feature of Subramanyapuram. Particularly, certain occasions in the second half draw in the gathering of people till the end. The center story doesn’t get weakened with superfluous components and the significant turn amid the pre-peak is fascinating.


The real disadvantage of Subrahmanyapuram is that the film gives a dejavu feeling of Nikhil’s 2014 hit otherworldly spine-chiller, Karthikeya. Beginning from the earliest starting point, the whole screenplay of Subrahmanyapuram, including saint’s portrayal and the peak wind, is vigorously impacted by Karthikeya. This consistency hampers what could have been an arresting background.


Sumanth is ok as Karthik, but no sturdy emotional scenes to showcase his acting. Eesha Rebba as village lady got a half-baked role with no significance. This film doesn’t facilitate her career any means. Senior actor Suresh compete Narendra Varma ( Eesha’s father role ). the remainder of the casting square measure unknown faces.


The movie takes to the air with genus Rana Daggubati’s vox on however the village subramanyapuram is made centuries agone. once the introduction, gift day story has been unleashed. Villagers one once another kill for no reasons, and panic accumulates everywhere the village. irrational villagers believe it’s God’s wrath till Karthik, a man of science, return to their village. the main drawback with this film is that the main purpose is of hardly value half-hour – within which the director need to establish suicides being committed. Then, he ought to have tried to narrate answer for the crisis. however, the suicides, with no modification within the pattern, continue until the climax. They’re like replay scenes with the sole modification being the victim. to stay the eye of the audience, the director ought to have tried other ways the culprits frame the suicides. Karthik decides to remain within the village, fight out the evil forces. afterward, the show is somewhat participating for the targeted rural audience. Last act contains, however, Karthik figures out the culprits, contain them – that ends in a routine manner.
This film wants a spare budget to induce the specified outcome. But, terribly poor production values create audience impatient in looking at this substandard picture. Poor casting ( Except Sumanth), Poor production values, substandard technical values create this film disgraceful watch.