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Husharu Review : Festivity of Life and Friendship


Boxoffice70mm RATING: 2.75/5 (★★★★★)

Starring: Tejus, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ramya Pasupuleti, Hemal Ingle, Daksha Nagarkar

Directed by: Sreenu Harsha Konuganti

Produced by: Bekkem Venugopal

Banner: HK Films

Music by: Radhan

Release Date: 14th December 2018

About Movie

Husharu is a young satire escapade featuring a pack of up and coming craftsmen in lead jobs. The movie is coordinated by SreeHarsha Konuganti and Radhan have made the soundtrack.


Arya, Chey, Dhruvand Bunty are four cherished companions who turn insidious youth. With no work, they live a cheerful life. Their primary side interest is scanning for lady friends. Arya discovers Geetha, Chey discovers Rhea as sweethearts. The other two pursue Tinder dates. As one of them struck by sick destiny, all others are currently compelled to acquire cash at the earliest opportunity.

They begin a brew industrial facility, further have a plan to grow activities to an eatery too. At long last how they had the capacity to conquer the hindrances – is whatever remains of the story

Music: By Music by Radhan songs are just okay background score.

Cinematography: Radhan’s music is alleviating, Cameraman RajThota’s work is noteworthy with the reflexive look. Maker Bakken Venugopal spent sufficiently

Direction & Written: What the new director has tried is playing with unnecessary tracks by bringing various characters. By the time he reveals the twists, it tests our patience.


The four youths who assumed the fundamental jobs are very normal in their exhibitions. Their kid nearby looks, guiltlessness will make you cheer for them. The two young ladies (champions) are alright looks astute, they’re liberal in lip bolt scenes. Rahul Ramakrishna as Raj Bollamin second half sets the screen ablaze, another great job for him. As a baffled IT representative, his parody works. Remaining character craftsmen are obscure, nothing unique notice about any of them


  • Humor, Emotions and Youthful love scenes
  • Fresh actors and their natural performances
  • Music


  • Thin story
  • Repetitive scenes in the second half


‘ Husharu ‘ is a lovely shock as far as substance. It’s anything but an extraordinary film yet has the right mix of cleverness, feelings, and romance. Though the story is extremely straightforward and age-old one, it is the treatment which emerges. Debutante executive Harsha Konuganti guaranteed the contemporary look is kept up all through. The first half is alright, loaded up with affection making scenes and routine youth fun stuff and second half has a few feelings worked out. Rahul Ramakrishna job has more weight in the second half. Scarcely any scenes of him occupy the fundamental topic. Typically these kind movie are loaded down with unpleasant substance with shoddy taste however in this movie chief has figured out how to adopt a class strategy, notwithstanding liberal lip bolt scenes.

‘Hushaaru‘ movie is a good attempt – it is a celebration of friendship & life of four mischievous boys ! The honest characterization of all four friends, natural performances, contemporary direction, decent songs, Rahul Ramakrishna’s comedy scenes are positives. Overall, this movie may appeal to the targeted audience. Youth may watch this movie.