Khaidi Review

`Khaidi` is an Exciting and Intense Action Thriller!.

Story : 
A group of five cops seize nearly a Thousand crores of worth narcotics and guns. The drug mafia wants it back and covertly attacks the police. After their Party gets spoiled and cops get drugged, Bijoy (Narain) has no option but Dilli (Karthi), who is just out of jail. How Dilli fights all night against heavy odds to save the Cops forms the rest.

Karthi comes out with another great and memorable performance. He is especially good in emotional episodes showcasing his softer side. Narain plays a good supporting role with ease. Harish Uthaman and other supporting cast are also good.

Technical Departments:
Action : Raw. Good.
Music: Good.
Cinematography: Excellent.
Editing: Fine.

Analysis : 
`Khaidi` is a Raw Gripping Tale of Action and Emotions with Thrilling Narration. It is a New Experience with the film starting and ending within one night but a lot is happening all the time. This takes some time to set-up the premise but once Karthi lands, it is an out and out Gripping Action Treat with some breather here and there for emotional bits and comic relief. `Khaidi` is a pretty convincing and engaging experience which doesn`t have scope for Romance or Songs. This is a Must Watch if you are comfortable with its Genre and is up for something different.

1. Thrills
2. Performances
3. Background Score

1. Limited Appeal

Movie Rating: 3.5/5 

Box-office Verdict : 
The film is Released on advance basis with a low Theatricals Value. Although the openings are dull, it probably has enough in it to pick-up and survive beyond Weekend.

Ratings :
1 – Stay Away
2 – Poor
2.5 – So-So
3 – Watchable
3.5 – Good
4 – Very Good
4.5 – Outstanding
5 – Out of this World