Arjun Survaram Review

`Arjun Survaram` is a Decent, Investigative, Action Thriller.

Story : 
Arjun (Nikhil) is a passionate investigative journalist who works for a (Telugu) News Channel, `TV 99`. His goal is to be a part of the `BBC News` and when everything seems to be going well, he gets implicated in a Fake Education Loan Scam. Arjun senses a Big conspiracy and aims to crack it. How he manages to find out about the Mafia behind this Scam forms the rest.

Nikhil performed well in a role that has an ample amount of heroic elevations. Lavanya has nothing much to do and is ordinary. Tarun Arora as the main antagonist is pretty decent. Posani, Vennela Kishore and Satya get notable roles and are good. 

Technical Departments:
Action: Good.
Music: Average.
Cinematography: Decent.
Editing: Adequate.

Analysis : 
`Arjun Suravaram` is an Investigative Action Thriller dealing with some very relevant issues. The film is a decent affair thanks to its Interesting concept and production values. Some episodes have come out well in this film whose impact got limited by its uneven narration. Although there aren`t any substantial twists, this still got enough in it to keep us glued and is probably worth a try.

1. Action Episodes
2. Interesting Concept
3. Production Values

1. Uneven Narration
2. Repetitive

Movie Rating: 3/5 

Box-office Verdict : 
The film`s Theatricals are valued at 6 Cr Approx and it has the potential to be an average affair.

Ratings :
1 – Stay Away
2 – Poor
2.5 – So-So
3 – Watchable
3.5 – Good
4 – Very Good
4.5 – Outstanding
5 – Out of this World