90 ml Review

`90 ml` is a Boringly Poor Action-Romance.

Story : 
Devadas (Kartikeya) is born with a rare disease called `Fetal alcohol syndrome`. The Doctors advise his family to serve him a small dosage of alcohol daily. All Grown up, he falls for Suvasana (Neha Solanki), whose family dislike people with Bad Habits.  How Devadas manages his issues form the rest.

Karthikeya performed well in action and romantic episodes but looks clueless in comedy episodes. Neha Solanki is pretty ordinary and the film deserved better. Rao Ramesh, Ravi Kishan, Prabhakar, Satya Prakash, Pragathi, Posani and others are adequate.

Technical Departments:
Action: Ordinary.
Music: Decent.
Cinematography: Decent.
Editing: Average.

Analysis : 
`90 ml` is a Boring Romantic Action Tale with a wafer thin story line. The film lacks proper narration and strong enough conflicts and goes on and on pointlessly. Although few comedy portions act as some sort of relief here and there, the film on the whole fails to leave even a half-decent impact. This is a pretty poor watch.

1. Concept

1. Routine Narration
2. Too Long
3. Pointless Drag

Movie Rating: 1.5/5 

Box-office Verdict : 
The film`s Theatricals are valued at 7 Cr Approx and it is likely to end up as a Disaster.

Ratings :
1 – Stay Away
2 – Poor
2.5 – So-So
3 – Watchable
3.5 – Good
4 – Very Good
4.5 – Outstanding
5 – Out of this World