Prati Roju Pandaage Review

‘Prati Roju Pandaage`: A Decent Entertainer with Underwhelming Family Drama!.

Story : 
This is the saga of a Grandson (Sai Tej) celebrating his Loving Grand father`s (Sathyaraj) Last few weeks like a celebration. How he unites the whole extended family despite their busy lives and make them realize how they owe him (Grandfather) a lot and more. 
Sathyaraj walks away with all the honors in a Central Character around which the story revolves. Sai Tej is at ease in Romantic and Comedy Episodes. He seems to have worked hard to prepare himself for this film in a kind of a Semi makeover. Raashi shines and Rao Ramesh plays a good support act. 

Technical Departments:  Music: Decent. 
Cinematography: Decent.
Editing: Adequate.

Analysis : 
`Prati Roju Pandaage` is a mixed bag with Entertainment parts working out well but the Family Drama turns out to be underwhelming.  The 1st half of the film is a Pleasant watch with ample dose of Entertainment and Youthful elements but the 2nd half turns out to be a dragged affair with underwhelming episodes and lack of high moments.  Romantic Episodes have come out well. But with that already concluded and Antagonists not having much to play with, convincing family emotions are extremely important in the 2nd half where this flatters. The film is a Youthful Family Entertainer which can be watched for its High Entertainment Quotient.

1. Comedy
2. Performances
Minus: 1. Dragged at times 2. Underwhelming Emotions

Movie Rating: 2.75/5 

Box-office Verdict : 
With the costs being on a manageable level, the film has scope to become an Average Earner at the Box-office. The Producers are already on the safer side having sold the Non-Theatricals before release.

Ratings :
1 – Stay Away
2 – Poor
2.5 – So-So
3 – Watchable
3.5 – Good
4 – Very Good
4.5 – Outstanding
5 – Out of this World