Jaanu Review

`Jaanu` is an Emotional Romantic Saga!.

Story : 
Ram and Jaanu fall in love but their Teenage romance hits a major bump. After fifteen years, their school reunion helps them reunite and dwell on the unintentional Break-up.

Sharwanand shines with measured and mature performance. Samantha is good and did justice to her parts. The supporting cast are more than adequate.

Technical Departments:
Music: Good. The background score is a major plus.
Cinematography: Adequate.
Editing: Fine.

Analysis : 
`Jaanu` is an Emotional and Musical Romantic Drama with a simple story and good performances. The film`s 1st half is Decent and the 2nd half is largely good. This is a Pretty Decent outing for the Urban Youth and may not work as well with other sections which are going to be a major dampener for its Box-office Performance. If you haven`t watched the original, this will be certainly worth a watch but keep your expectations in check.

1. Music
2. Performances
3. Story

1. Too Slow

Movie Rating: 3/5 

Box-office Verdict : 
With WW Theatricals Value including Prints & Publicity at around 21 Cr Apx, this will be a failure barring a major miracle.