Hello Baby wins Puraskar Nandi Award

**Hello Baby wins Puraskar Nandi Award**

At the puraskar Nandi Awards ceremony held in Hyderabad, Kavya Keerthi won the Nandi Award for her performance in the film *Hello Baby*.

Kavya Keerthi mentioned that the support of her team was crucial in achieving this award for her exceptional performance in *Hello Baby*, the world’s first film to feature a solo character with Hacking.

Producer *Kandregula Adinarayana* stated that making a film with a solo character is a very challenging task. He believed from the moment the story was written that it would win prestigious awards, which is why he took the initiative to make this film.

The award was presented by Mana Film Chamber of Commerce Chairman Rajendra, along with Maharshi Raghava, actress Srivani, and actor Karthikeya.

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