The filming of “Laggam” is now wrapped up!

The filming of “Laggam” is now wrapped up!

As the elders say, “Get married and build a home,” Director Ramesh Cheppala has a different take—he suggests we can build a home through EMI, so let’s prioritize the wedding. Produced by Subhishi Entertainments, this movie, which commenced shooting in January, completed its dubbing yesterday.

Producer Venugopal Reddy expressed that “Laggam” encompasses all the grandeur, joy, customs, and games akin to a typical wedding celebration. Rajendra Prasad described “Laggam” as an emotional rollercoaster ride. With confidence, Ramesh Cheppala claimed to have captured every emotion with his unique filmmaking style, promising a pleasant screenplay. Audiences are expected to be stunned by the performances of LB Sriram, Rohini, and Raghu Babu.

Whether you call it “Pelli,” “Shaadi,” “Laagam,” or “Vivaham,” the essence remains the same—to unite a couple! Reflecting various cultural nuances, “Laggam” is set to appeal to fans of all genres. Ramesh Cheppala has directed this film, highlighting the uniqueness and splendor of Telugu customs. Charan Arjun has composed beautiful tracks for the movie, while Bal Reddy, known for his work in “Baby,” serves as the cinematographer, ensuring the visuals will cast a spell on audiences.

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